Manitoba Libraries Working Group Report

Manitoba Library Associations Working Group Report The Manitoba Libraries Working Group is a collaborative task force working towards a strong and unified Manitoba Library Association.

The MB Libraries Working Group includes representatives from the Manitoba Library Association (MLA), Manitoba Library Trustees Association (MLTA), Manitoba Association of Library Technicians (MALT), Manitoba Library Consortium, Inc. (MLCI), and the Manitoba School Library Association (MSLA).

The Working Group report can be found at

Our question to you is:   Should MLTA continue as an independent organization, OR become a “division” within a large Manitoba Libraries Association?

The Canadian Scene

Library Trustees currently have separate organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The Ontario Library Boards Association (OLBA) operates as a “Division” within the Ontario Library Association. Nationally there is no Canadian Library Trustees Association.

Points to Ponder

  1.  MLTA is aimed at supporting library Boards and trustees in Manitoba who govern public libraries.  As such, we are the only group within MLA representing an “employer’s viewpoint”.
  2. Will the educational needs of trustees be adequately met within a large “umbrella group” association that might have a “division” for trustees?
  3. What other group in Manitoba advocates for public library services?
  4. There would be a reduction in duplication of services from the various organizations (e.g. website maintenance, advocacy efforts, news, one membership fee, and audit fees).
  5. Do we have enough trustees willing to serve on the MLTA Board so that we can sustain ourselves as a separate organization?

What do you think?  Should MLTA maintain its current status as a separate organization?